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Company profile
Leader in solutions for planning and resource optimization.

Qualicode Software works in the field of information technology since 1993 and specializes in developing solutions for planning and optimizing resources in companies and institutions. The solutions offered by Qualicode Software are prevalent in Quebec in this area.

Many achievements Qualicode Software can be found in the health sector, in home care agencies, in security agencies and organizations in event management.
Qualicode proved ideal for the management of complex schedules.

In public health, Qualicode Software now serves 70% of the CSSS and 80% of Social Economy Enterprises in Domestic Help (EÉSAD).

Qualicode History
Founded in1993, Qualicode Software started as a information technology consulting firm.

In June 1999, with the acquisition of Schedule Plus ( now Qt - Time and Resources), Qualicode Software began offering solutions for planning and optimization.

Qualicode Software marketed in 2002 Qi- Inventory, a solution for management and inventory optimization. In 2004 the company launched a specialized product for public health : Qx - Clinical Follow-up.
Thanks to its roots in public health, Qualicode Software has introduced in 2005 the largest exchange computerized network between partners, at the time called ' Redi ' (now Home Health Network ( RSAD ) ). This data interchange network enables increased productivity, reliable exchange between the parties, in a traceable manner and in accordance with best practices.

Between 2007 and 2011, Qualicode Software concentrated its efforts developing wide range of modules, so creating the most comprehensive management suite for SMEs currently available.

In 2012, Qualicode Software acquired HC ( now Qa Autonomous Booking) to strengthen its offering in planning solutions.

More recently, Qualicode Software has released a new version of Qx Clinical Follow-up and began rewriting all its software in order to make them more effective and safe on the Web.


  • 45,000 clients

    More than 45,000 clients receive their care through Qt - Time & Resources scheduling software.
  • 13,000 employees

    Organizations who use Qt - Time & Resources to schedule their visits at home manage 13,000 field workers.
  • 70,000 visits at home

    Every week, these workers do more than 70,000 visits at home.